Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bible School AGain

Yes it is time again. I am getting ready for bible school starting on Sunday. The theme is Boomerang Express and I am in charge of crafts. I waited to long to order boomerangs to paint and guess what? There are none left on the face of the earth!! I had given up on them till our music minister graciously offered to cut them out of wood for me so now we will have Boomerangs after all. I spent time today making the banner sign in the pic. I want to make one for my house that says Happy 4th but it will have lots of color glitter and ephemera with red glitter letters. Anyway back to making samples for the classes. Some of the oriental trading kits are great. The crocs are from their kits. Back to the grindstone!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hankerchief Purse

I saw a purse in a magzine made from a hankie and tried it myself. It is pretty but not very practical. I think i will try a round gathered one. The purse is just the hankies folded and sewed up the sides and then tacked to a felt lining. AT least I am making something!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Well I have certainly neglected writing on this but it is time. I volunteered to make shoes for a friend of my mother's and ended up making 50 pairs. They were a lot more time consuming than I thought and I had my friend Renee and her daughter Elizabeth helping me. It was a challenge but felt good to get it done. Now I have no fear of making doll shoes although mostly I have been making paperdolls instead of cloth.

Now its on to bible school crafts. For the younger ages I am doing prepackaged crafts but wanted to do something different with the middle school age children so one of the projects will be memory bible verse books out of brown paper lunch bags. Here are pics. You make the books out of stacks of paper lunch bags that you sew down the middle. The open ends of the bags give you pockets which i put tags with bible verses on. You can pull them out and read them. YOu can cover the pages in card stock and you can't tell that they are made from bags. I think the kids will have fun making them!! My next project I hope is a paper doll in a cigar box but probably not til bible school is over!!