Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FAll is Here

Yes I know it has been fall for many weeks now but we still have beautiful leaves on the trees and I love November. It is such a month of anticipation. I love Thanksgiving with family and food and all that remembering of past family times. It is so sad that retailers and the media make that jump from Halloween to Christmas and just leave out Thanksgiving so much of the time. I love the colors, the feeling, the crispness in the air like it is freshly created just for us. There is the Joy of the Christmas season to look forward to and that last deep breath before we plunge into the flurry of Holiday craziness. It's good to remember Thanksgiving and to give thanks to God who gives us so much daily.

On to crafting!!! I did win a prize and a nice gift for hosting the hop. Here are some of the cards I made that day for the contest. The prize was one from a random drawing of participants so it wasn't based on merit. I would like to win because my cards were great but maybe next time. It was a great day and Paperwishes.com is very generous with the prizes.
Hope everyone is having a great fall so far!