Saturday, September 28, 2013

Can You Guess….

What season it is around here?  Fall has begun.  I have been getting everything ready for fall.
The cats are ready, 

the flags are up, 

my garden friends are bedecked!


IT is 87 degrees outside!  But the nights are cool and I am sure that soon I will be missing this weather and grumbling about the cold.

Fall makes me feel so creative.  Just like the colors that are bursting out all over I feel rays of creativity shooting out of me like a disco ball spinning in air.  And this year I am actually making stuff. I recently joined a group called Your Paper Pantry(YPP) that is mostly a Youtube and swap group. They make unique items that I could never think of and now I am a part of it.  One swap is to take tickets and make them into embellishments for cards.

Another is to make a bingo card into a hanging fall banner.
I am loving this. I was getting a little burned out on just making cards. I may even make my own youtube videos but have to figure out the whole camera thing.

So even if the weather isn't cooperating, I am happy it is fall. 

Happy Fall Y'all!

Have a great week.