Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Cards Again

You are wondering where have I been? I have been spending time with my husband through open heart surgery and the aftermath. He had it on July 7th and is doing well but it is a big ordeal. I hope to never go through it myself.

Finally I am back to making cards and am enjoying it immensely. I just created a canvas mixed media piece called Paris that I am giving my mother. I made my granddaughter a Pillowcase dress. The elephant baby card has a circle in the center and when you open it the baby elephant appears. It is called a Marquee Card and I found out how to do it here. I am very proud of the card although you can't tell how neat it is without seeing it open. I am creating everyday. Unfortunately my craft room is still a disaster but I have hopes of getting it clean this year!! I don't know why I think it will happen, mostly it seems to be getting worse!
Here are my latest works. Hope everyone has a great weekend!