Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mermaids on the Brain!

Mermaids on the brain. I have a special affinity and love of mermaids. My favorite fairy tale is the real Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson not that sappy sugarzied version by Disney with the happy ending. In the real fairy tale she dies as a sacrifice rather than kill the prince. Anyway I shouldn't get started about that. The real reason I love mermaids is because the mermaids taught me how to swim when I was 5. No I am not insane. We lived 12 miles from Weekie Wachee in Florida. During the daytime the mermaids from the show at the Spring of Live Mermaids taught(as a side job) locals how to swim. We learned in the icy water of the springs. I was always fascinated by the giant conch shell that was sometimes on the beach. I didn't realize that it was from the show. So I love mermaids. Currently I am entered into a mermaid paperdoll swap plus I have just made proto type mermaid paper dolls with my mother for her doll club to try making and I just got a lovely mermaid stamp.
When I was a little older we would go to Webb City Saint Petersburg, Fl the worlds biggest department store. It had a display that was like a giant cave and you could look thru the openings and see what was in it. There was a beach and manequins that were mermaids and pirates. There was a treasure chest with pirates treasure and a voice over of a woman singing and talking. It was very real and exciting to an 8 year old.
I am currently trying to get back into cloth doll making and I hope to make mermaid dolls first. Of the pictured mermaids my mother made the bottom one. I am so proud of her for making stuff with me. I think I like hers best!