Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charlotte, North Carolina

We went to visit our daughter this week and went to downtown Charlotte. It was a big surprise. It was very clean, really pretty and had lots of parks and fountains. Charlotte is the banking capitol of the New South and there are a lot of bank buildings there. One of my favorite buildings was the Hearst Tower. Inside it was all black and white marble with gold fixtures and railings. It was very lovely and art deco. There was also the Bank of America Center which had lots of stores, art work and lovely interiors with lots of marble too. There is a park in the middle of the tall buildings called the greene and is really nice in the midst of all that concrete. We also were able to go into the newly renovated St. Peter's Episcopal church. It was built in the early 1800's and has a mosaic of Jesus in tiles, beautiful stained glass and a pipe organ that has 2700 pipes. I fell in love with the angel stained glass window that was made by Tiffany in 1909. It will be the inspiration for my new artwork as I loved the purples and greens. All in all it was a nice visit and I would recommend it to anyone as a great place to visit.

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The Homeless Parrot said...

Wow, my hair IS long.

Great pictures, btw, esp of the Tiffany window.