Saturday, March 10, 2012

IT Has Begun!

Yes it has started. You might think I am talking about spring but that isn't it. Of course it is started to be a lot like spring around here but that isn't what I am talking about. For several years now I have said I had to clean my craft room. My daughter volunteered to help so there was no chance of putting it off any longer. I have decided to change it back to a guest bedroom although a lot of my crafting stuff will still be in there. I am moving my craft table into the master bedroom which probably isn't the best choice but will have to do for now.

My question is "do I dare show my before pictures before I have the "after pictures?" I think not. The before and after at the same time have a much bigger wow effect. So I am hoping that within 6 weeks I will have some really WOW factor pictures to share.

The bunny card is to celebrate spring. The stamp(Northwoods) is one that my Dad bought at the flea market in a bag of 15 stamps for $3 and is my current favorite. I love spring and it is definitely coming. The lady cards are using my favorite Hot off the Press stamp and papers.

Hope everyone has a lovely week and remember--Daylight Savings time starts tomorrow, Spring Forward!

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