Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Fall is Here Again!

I guess I get excited about Fall because growing up in Florida we didn't get spectacular fall color like we do here in Tennessee.  Not that there are not fall changes in Florida, there are, but they aren't really exciting.

I love when the leaves change, the colors are so gorgeous! But I love the crisp cool air and the sky so blue it seems unreal. I always want to hug fall to myself and never let it go.  I even like it after the leaves fall.  All the way to the first day of winter I enjoy the fall. And then it is gone again and the dreary days of winter come in to stay!

But today I am not thinking about what will end.  I am embracing the beauty and comfort of the season, the feel of nostalgia in the air, the smell of leaves burning, the inner longing to cook and bake and create and the need to see my whole family.  I want to spend time with the people I love most in the world. 

"All the earth is filled with His Glory..." (Isaiah 6:3) seems to sum up Autumn completely. I can see God's creation in all it's glory everywhere I look.

Have a great week and enjoy this time of year!

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