Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Really Spring(at least on the calendar!)

Yes today is the first day of Spring. Last week the weather was beautiful, my heart lifted and I was sure spring was here.  Today it is 33 outside and the wind feels icy!  But I am still glad that it is spring. The daffodils are blooming and many trees are flowering.

I just returned from Charlotte where Spring is a little closer. The Bradford pears are blooming and daffodils and crocus are everywhere.

As a child growing up in central Florida we didn't have daffodils, crocus and tulips and as a result I always have been fascinated by them.  The first time I read "The Secret Garden" I was enchanted by the description of all the shoots of the spring flowers pushing up through the soil. I have loved spring flowers since then.

I also am in the mood to make spring cards, and Easter stuff although(as always) Easter is sneaking up on me again. I just love this new frog stamp set I got. It was a cheap no-name Easter set that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby but I just love the little frog. I painted him with markers and a water pen like AmyR did over at Prairie Paper and Ink 

 I am very happy with the card. The other two stamps were from the set and I used the same method with them.

This card is just a Springtime card with some new butterfly paper from the Paper Studio. 

Hope you like looking at my stuff. I hope to be putting stuff on Etsy soon but it has been a long time since I tried that.

Have a Happy First Spring day and stay warm.

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