Sunday, December 7, 2008

12 cards in 2 hours

My new plan is to streamline my cardmaking. I needed to make 12 thank you cards so I thought I could make them in 2 hours. In 2 hours I made 3 but I have gotten faster. These are the pics of all the cards I have made. Now I am on to Christmas cards. I like to take a blank card, cover the front with Christmas paper of some kind and then use an image cut or copied from an old card and then embellish and of course add glitter. I get lots of great images free every week from Dover. You just go to their website and sign up for the weekly sampler
Great stuff to play with. I use stamps on the inside of the cards and sometimes for the outside. I have a bunch of new Christmas word stamps thanks to my Dad, that i intend to use. And always on the inside of the front i put a printed out bible verse. the same one on every card each year. Haven't picked one yet this year. Last year was from Titus: "For the Grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men." Great verse, maybe my favorite. Anyway my plan is to do Something creative everyday this month except when i go to Fla at end of month.
Now to cut the card stock for the Christmas Cards!!

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