Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vintage Christmas Decor

So for creativity today I started decorating for Christmas. I found this stuff in my storage rooms and i have no recollection of buying it or seeing it before but i am guessing that it came from a flea market or garage sale. Anyway i like the Vintage look so that is my dining table for now. I hope to work on my cards soon but not tomorrow. I work at a performing arts center and we have our last show before the New Year, it is a musical review like the rockettes and I am greatly looking forward to it although it will be a long day at work!! The decorating has helped get me in the Christmas spirit at least.


jim said...

very nice. i think i'm actually getting closer to having some desire to decorate for christmas. this year - i almost bought small christmas tree. ALMOST. maybe next year.

Shirley said...
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