Friday, March 19, 2010

More Alice

Yes there is more Alice today. I recieved my Alice Tag book today and am really thrilled. I need to do more swaps. They are always fun. Here are the pics of the tags, the fronts anyway.
It is a beautiful day in NE Tennessee. Hope everyone is having one as nice.


The Homeless Parrot said...

Yours were better than the ones you swapped for!

kathy said...

Hi Robin , i was so fortunate to get your sweet ALice with crown in the tag swap - and I see you received my White rabbit tag --
How fun - I do love tag swaps --
KAthy - ga ♥

rgcarr said...

Thanks Kathy, I love the white rabbit tag, it is one of my favorite in the book. This was a great swap and I love everyone of the tags. I am not home but when i get there I am going to look up all the blogs.

kathy said...

Robin , so glad you stopped by -- swaps are such fun - and I am a tagaholic -- Enjoy meeting you -- KAthy - ga ♥

stephanie said...

Hi, Robin...I received one of your tags and wanted to say thank you...I love it!