Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodies in the Mail

No this isn't blog candy. It's great stuff and it's all for ME! I got a notice in the mail box that I had a package. I thought it was from the card swap so I was happy about it but when i got to the PO it was a big box that contained these goodies. It was from my wonderful daughter and husband who live far away. I am so thrilled with it. The box is very large and has Hydrangeas and birds on it(love both) and it even had Prima flowers in it. I have been wanting some of these but not able to afford them. It is a great gift and it is all stuff I love. Hope everyone has as happy a day!

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The Homeless Parrot said...

Glad you liked it so much. I actually enjoyed choosing everything. Maybe I am your daughter, after all.