Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where Does the Time Go!

I haven't posted in awhile because time has sped up and now it is only 2 weeks till Christmas. HOw did that happen. It must be that week I lost between Thanksgiving and Dec 1. It was going to be my chill out and prepare for December week but instead I drove 1500 miles! It wasn't bad but then I got sick for a week and now where is my Christmas tree and decorations? In boxes of course!! But I did actually make 12 Christmas Cards today. I also got my 20 White Christmas tags in the mail. That was very exciting. I am posting the pics of the ones I made and sent not the ones I got. It was a fun swap but a lot of work. And Thanks to Jane the person who hosted did an incredible amount of work.
Well it's on to decorating! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.


Jane said...

Robin, I know what you mean about "where does the time go?", and I don't even have your reasons - travel + illness!

Love seeing all your beautiful tags here! I felt so lucky to get to see all of them while the other swappers would only see one. There's at least one more coming, hopefully two. So happy you joined the swap!

pennyd said...

Those tags are amazing Robin! It does look like a LOT of work went into them. Hope the ones you got back are just as beautiful! Terrific eye candy on a late Sunday night.

Little Pink Studio said...

Your tags are gorgeous! I'm sure all of your partners were thrilled with them!
Cerri xo