Monday, November 15, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Swap

Well I haven't posted because life just gets in the way. I have finally finished my 12 atc's for the the 12 Days of Christmas swap. It seemed much easier when I signed up but they are done. I was assigned 12 Lords a Leaping although I always thought it was 10 lords a leaping but there are probably lots of variations on the song. I am really looking forward to everyone's take on the themes and am glad that I did it. Now to finish my 19 White Christmas tags and start cleaning up for Thanksgiving(Sigh), I can't put it off much longer! Have a great day!


Jane said...

I love your 12 Days ATCs! I did a 12 Days ATC swap last year, but I had 5 Gold Rings! I made mine all the same - I see you did several variations. What fun!

Working on my White Christmas tags too! They're starting to come in now. If you could, would you make 20 - if not a lot of trouble! Someone else would love to join! I'm sending an email about it shortly.


Designs by Blanche said...


Thank you so much for your Lords a Leaping ATC! I love all the variations you did, but I like mine the best :)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I absolutely loved your take on 12 lords a leaping - I wish I had one of each that you did - they are great!!!!
Merry merry and happy happy!