Monday, April 22, 2013


The problem with the internet and all the wonderful blogs plus Pinterest is that a person could become too intimidated to try anything after seeing the ravishing creations of others. I sometimes fall prey to this.  Someone I know quit looking at Pinterest because she came away from the experience feeling that her house would never measure up, she was too out of shape and her clothes just weren't cutting it.  I think we all fall in the trap of comparison and feel  "why bother"sometimes.

Which brings me to my thoughts on how I compare. I sometimes look at all the gorgeous cards and think "well I could copy that and have a card as good". But I don't want to copy and while I love many of the cards, that is not the way I make cards. I find it hard to make one just like any other one or even make the same one twice.

This thinking led me to start wondering what my motivations for crafting are.  If it is to please others then I need to copy what is popular and maybe it will.  

I hope that my crafting, art or whatever is to please me and to fulfill me. I also hope that it is pleasing to God.  I know that as the great creator He is perfect in His creations and gives us the urge to make and create.

So if in my creating as in everything else I remember I am doing it for the glory of God then I am sure it measures up in the only way that matters.

That is too deep for  Monday. Here is my card for the challenge at CDAC.  The umbrella is a digi from Nana Vic's and it is my entry for the Progressive Challenge.

Thanks for listening and have a great week, Robin

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Carol J said...

I like your comments and I agree wholeheartedly ! Thanks for the reminder.