Monday, February 22, 2010

My Mews

This is Gus. She is the smallest of our many cats. She is very special. I have promised myself that I would never get stuff done and grow artistically if I didn't create something everyday. I promise myself I am going to do it but then I can't make myself go down that long hallway to my craft room even though I really want to. I enjoy every minute in there. When I am at work at my job I am always wishing I was there in my craft room.
This is where Gus comes in. She LOVES the craft room. She likes to prowl or sit in the chair with me and check out what I am doing. But you're wondering, how does that make her my mews(muse)? Every time I walk towards the craft room she runs ahead of me eager as any puppy to get in the room. Usually that isn't where I am headed but she is so eager to go that I feel guilty if I don't at least take her in there once a day. She searches through stuff and finds stuff I have forgotten about. Her favorite craft supply is a nice chenille stem but she is also fond of a good foam backed rubber stamp and can play with one for hours. If she had thumbs she would probably be making stuff right along with me. She is my mews!