Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back Again

Well I am back from a visit to Charlotte, NC again. I had a nice time although it was brief. Coming through the mountains of Western North Carolina was breathtaking and the leaves are just beginning to change. I got a set of Inkadinkado fall stamps and finally made a card with the cat. I love everything about fall, the colors the leaves, the feel of the air and everyday feels brand new! Here also are the cards I made for Pastor and staff appreciation for church. I had to make them very quickly but I think they were ok. NOw I am off to play with the new goodies I got! Have a great rest of the week.


The Homeless Parrot said...

I love the cat card.

Cheryl said...

Robin, Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. This is all pretty new to me, but it's fun to share stuff with others via my blog and to read what they share on theirs!

My mother-in-law lives in North Carolina & it would be great to get back there and see folks!

I love the rose paper on the last card in this blog. Where did you get it?

rgcarr said...

Cheryl, the paper was from PaperWishes Glitter Pack. There was a great webisode about it a long time ago. It was my first pw order!

Valerie said...

I recieved your gorgeous tag in the Wizard of Oz Tag Swap hosted by the wonderful Karla Nathan.

I love the red shoes and your outdid yourself with the flawless detail.

The yello brick road background is wonderful.

But, the scarey monkey highlighted on the other side is also spooky gorgeous.

You put a lot of work in actually making a double tag - thank you so much and I am enjoying the tag so much!


The Homeless Parrot said...

Thanks for sending me the kitty card, I love it. The only thing is that I can't re-use it. :(