Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall In Tennessee

Every fall my husband and I take a trip to see the leaves and stop somewhere and have supper. This year we stopped off in Jonesborough to see the art in park. It was disappointing in that all the paintings in every booth were very similar,the pottery was so-so and there just wasn't much variety. But the town looks lovely this time of year as you can see in the picture. We ended up not going very far into the mountains because we really aren't that dedicated to driving and looking at leaves. We had heard about a barbecue place from lots of people that is supposed to be the best anywhere. We finally found the place. It was packed so we got our food to go. We ended up meeting my sister and found a park by the river to eat in. The food was ok but the day was gorgeous and it was a nice time overall. Tom and I just don't really have the personalities to spend a day enjoying scenery! It was fun and we don't have to do it again till next year. I did really like this old bridge support (across from the place we picnicked) painted like a train coming out of a tunnel. It was the best art I saw all day. Have a lovely weekend.
***SIDE NOTE**There was a private area by the river where there were lots of these Canadian Geese. Just thought it was interesting. Click on the pic to enlarge it to see all the geese.

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Mich said...

Sounds like you had a good day,the trees look great!