Saturday, October 16, 2010


Fall is really here. There is a small nip in the air. The sky is such an intense blue it doesn't feel real and everywhere the leaves are starting to change. It makes me feel so alive, so creative. I am so glad that God decided to create fall.

But on to card making. There really aren't many occasions to send cards for in the fall. You can send Thanksgiving cards but most people don't. So mostly I am making cards that are blank inside so you can write notes. I made all of these last night for my bible study group and still need 5 more. I seem to have picked a word theme for the month - Rejoice- because it seems like all nature is rejoicing. I love the colors of fall and just enjoy making fall cards. Hope you like them too. Have a great Autumn Weekend.


Jane said...

Love your cards - especially those with trees! The others are pretty too, but I really love trees!
We're having gorgeous weather here too. Rejoice is definitely a good word choice!
Jane - Jacksonville

Rose Brier Studio said...

I just returned from a week in Florida, so I'm having to get used to autumn. Your cards make it easier. They are lovely!

Cheryl said...

Hi Robin! You sure have been busy with Fall Cardmaking! Pretty. Almost makes me feel ready for fall -- but not quite!

Thanks for your kind comments about my "I is for ice skates" Christmas card. To answer your question, the skates are not a sticker. They are an image I printed myself. I got it from a website called Scrapbook Flair. I'll be posting more information about it on Monday.

Island girl said...

Robin, the cards are all very nice. The theme really gives the feel of the season.

Crafty Patti said...

Hi Robin thanks fo the comment on my blog. I really like the Cat card you did and the background looks so aged nice job. i was reading your post and i do so miss seeing the Fall colors i use to see them as a kid in Minn. but here in Ca not so much. you live in a beautiful place. Patti